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Travel Planning Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Meeting and Event Travel Planner

Travel plans for your meetings and events worldwide. From A to B with all modes of transport and hotels. Book with our partners.

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No more manual searches for different means of transport and hotels on various sites. Just enter the dates (address, start & end) and departure address. Enterango searches for all possible travel routes, tailored to your appointment. We compare flights, trains, long-distance buses, car routes and suggest the most efficient ways to get there.

In addition, we will also show you how to get from the airport or train station to your current appointment. You can book the main elements of a trip (flight, train, bus, rental car, hotel) directly with our partners.

Single Travel Segments

Only train, flight, bus, rental car or hotel required? No problem, Enterango provides single travel segments like state of the art search engines.

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The complete service is not always necessary. Therefore we also offer the possibility to book different means of transport and accommodation separately.

The booking is made with our partners.

Share Travel Plan

Get an approval for your trip. Forward your trip to your assistant for booking and editing.

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Configure your ideal trip and share it with your supervisor or assistant for approval. You are also welcome to share it with other colleagues or customers.

After the trip, you can forward the automatically generated reports for travel expenses and travel times to accounting or for additional approvals at the push of a button.

Upload Tickets & Confirmations

Never forget a ticket again! Everything gets stored in 1 place.

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Upload all tickets and reservation confirmations to your travel segment. This way all important data is available on your mobile app.

During and after the trip, additional invoices can be entered directly into the system via the smartphone. The travel management is then almost done by itself!


Automatic search in proximity of your meeting or event place.

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Enterango automatically searches for hotels in the immediate vicinity of the appointment location. No separate hotel search is required. The travel route is adapted to the hotel selection.

The booking can be made directly with our booking partners. The hotel costs are shown directly in the total cost overview.

Book Tickets & Hotels

Trains, flights, busses, rental cars and hotels can be booked directly with our partners. It comes with a business receipt!

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Book flight, train and bus connections with our partners. Our partners provide compliant invoices for companies.

Upload tickets and reservation confirmations to the travel segment. All data and documents are also available via the mobile app.

Travel Sustainable

Choose the most environmental friendly route. Compare the CO2 emissions of every route.

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The CO2 emission of each route is visible. This also makes the ecological footprint of your business trip more transparent.

Statistics on the ecological footprint can also be viewed in the Enterango Controlling Feature Data.

Flexible Times

From A to B with flexible times. This is meant for commuters or longer stays with flexible meetings/events.

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Combine Private & Business Trips

Business trip in Paris and you want to add the weekend for leisure? Just extend your stay and keep expenses separated.

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EnterAnGo offers the possibility to extend the trip before or after the appointment. Simply enter under the appointment date, extra days earlier or later. The search period is adjusted automatically.

Print Travel Plan

In case of an empty smartphone battery. Paper will always work!

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Print out your travel plan including tickets and booking confirmations.

Adjust Waiting Times

Everyone has his preferred waiting times before take off or on the train station.

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Some play it safe, some come in at the last second. There is not the “one” ideal waiting time and is strongly dependent on the person.

You can adjust the suggested waiting time to your personal needs. After all, you know best how you feel most comfortable.


Change mode of transport

Decide how you want to move on at the destination. Public transport, taxi or rental car.

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Means of transport before and after the main travel segment (flight, train or bus connection) can be adapted to personal needs.

Depending on whether public transport, taxi or rental car is more suitable, you can switch between these options at the touch of a button.

Save Travel Plan

Edit your travel plan, upload tickets, sync it with the mobile App, do travel management. Many more options!

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Use the full power of Enterango. Save your journey and add tickets, share them with colleagues or use them during your journey.

With the mobile app you have all the information synchronized, all the documents with you and can also integrate invoices directly into the system. The travel accounting is then almost done by itself!

Start worldwide travel planning from any point A to any point B

Flights, trains, buses, rental cars and accommodations. All in one platform. Bookable with our partners.

Don’t travel alone. We have a travel companion for you!

Mobile App

All travel details always available. Documents, Navigation, Notifications, Receipts

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The personal tour guide has all information during the trip for you. All travel plans including documents can also be viewed on the app.

Receipt Upload

During travelling for the respective trip segment. Never loose a receipt again!

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Bus ticket or taxi bills are usually quite small and fragile pieces of paper that can easily get lost. With the Enterango app, all invoices can be integrated directly into the travel segment via the smartphone camera.

Photograph & assign travel segment. Done!

The invoices are immediately digitized. The invoice amount is transferred to the cost report.


No double input any more. We are the interface to your preferred navigation app.

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The travel plan contains all information from A to B. If you want to navigate locally, we transfer the travel segment information directly to your preferred navigation app (Google Maps, Here Maps, MapsMe, etc.).

This way you don’t have to make any entries twice.

Spare Time Recommendations

New city and 3 hours spare time? Get information about leisure activities.

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All costs that were entered into the app via invoices are immediately available in the total cost overview.

Thus you always have a complete overview of the current status of your travel expenses. The danger of budget overruns is reduced!

Travel plans

Saved travel plans with all adjustments are available on the mobile App.

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The trips saved in your profile are available via the app. If tickets have been added to the travel segments, they can be called up at any time. 

The travel plan can be used for navigation. In addition, invoices can be assigned directly to the trip segments.


Congestions, strike or any other changes. Get real time information!

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Traffic jam on the way to the airport? No problem, we’ll send you a push message if anything on your itinerary changes.

You know immediately if you have to leave half an hour earlier or if it is better to change to another means of transport.

Cost Control

All costs at a glance. Don’t hit the limit of your travel budget

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All costs that were entered into the app via invoices are immediately available in the total cost overview.

Thus you always have a complete overview of the current status of your travel expenses. The danger of budget overruns is reduced!

Travel Management is annyoing. Let us make your life easier.

Travel Approval

Get approval for your trip from your supervisor with 1 click.

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Approval required before travel? Create your personal travel plan and share it with your superiors.

Superiors can view the trip by email or via their own access and approve or reject it at the push of a button, but also make suggestions for changes. This change history is completely transparent.

User Management

Allow access to your travel plans. Add your supervisor or assistant. Create groups and more.

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Corporate structures can also be mapped and different user groups can be created. Besides the traveler, there are usually superiors, assistants, administrators and controllers with different authorizations.

Depending on the authorizations, trips can be approved, booked or the trip statistics per project, department or company can be analyzed.


Full control over all travel costs in your company. All travel information visible and fully transparent.

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In companies, a wide variety of questions arise in connection with business travel.

Enterango makes all data on all business trips in the company transparent. Travel costs, duration, CO2 emissions, kilometers traveled per means of transport and much more.

The data can be used for internal optimization or negotiations on partner programs (hotel, car rental, airlines, etc.).


Travel Policy

Create travel policies that helps your employees to stay compliant with the company regulations.

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Usually there are different cost ceilings for hotels or restrictions on the permitted class of travel on the plane or train.

These specifications can be stored in the company profile and taken into account in travel planning. This speeds up the approval process enormously, as employees can already choose from permitted results.

Expense & Travel Reports

Generate reports of your expenses and travel times automatically.

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The entered costs are automatically transferred to an expense report. The same applies to travel times.

Working hours and manual changes can be added at any time.

The reports are available as Pdf and Excel tables including all invoices at the push of a button. These can be forwarded electronically to the accounting department.

Travel Preferences

Profile with your travel preferences. Your assistance can consider all wishes when booking.

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Traveling is a very personal matter. Therefore, the inhibition threshold to hand over the travel planning to someone else or maybe even to a stranger is high and needs a measure of trust.

Travellers can store preferences in their profile. This allows the assistant or the person in charge of the travel department to respond to the exact needs of the travelers. Therefore the satisfaction of the travelers and the added value in the company increases.

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Partnership Programs

Save costs and add partner programs for your travellers.

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Travelers can store information on their partner programs in the travel profile. This information is accessible when the assistant (internal/external) makes the booking.

This can save unnecessary costs.

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