How Technology Is Making Travel Easy For Business People

 For many business people, finding ways of making travel easy is an important part of their journey. Booking trips, planning itineraries, finding accommodation– managing your travel can become a burden, adding to your workload. For business people, the easier, more convenient, and quicker travel management can be, the better. After all, it saves you time, effort, and money.

In the past, planning and managing trips was a hassle. You had to telephone airlines and hotels, compare prices, hunt down stores for your basic needs, and more. It was time-consuming, costly, and downright difficult.

Today, we have technology to thank for making business travel management easier. Here’s how.

7 Ways Technology Is Making Travel Easy For Business People

Advancements in technology continue to transform how we travel, making travelling for business a more interactive and personalized experience. Here are seven ways that technology has improved business travel: 

1. Simpler bookings

How we make travel bookings has completely changed from simple face-to-face bookings in the pre-internet era to smart planning by artificial intelligence (AI) today. Advancements in technology have completely altered how we make bookings! 

For example, blockchain technology stores passenger data, speeding up flight registration information and securing customer data.

Virtual reality (VR) and AI technologies enable chatbots that can answer all booking-related questions. These chatbots assist travellers via websites and smart booking apps available on their phones, laptops, and other devices.

Big data analysis gives travel companies the data insight they need to offer unique packages to travellers based on their past purchases and booking history. AI can assist the modern business traveller with predictive travel suggestions, such as alternative flight routes and connecting flights. It can also help predict accommodation needs and local travel options.   

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2. Speedy travel admin

Bookings are just one aspect of your travel planning. Others include planning your time and itinerary, consulting your company travel policy, and more. The quicker and easier you can plan your trip, the faster you can move on to more important things. 

These days, all the information you need to plan your business trip is available online or with the click of a button. You can surf the internet and visit individual websites to take care of all your travel admin. 

However, an easier way is to visit a comparison website that does it all for you. Just enter your search parameters and choose from the results. Travel management and comparison sites help you find the best deals at affordable rates and plan your business trip in as little as 5 minutes

And with EnterAnGo, you get to see your carbon footprint, allowing you to travel in eco-friendly ways that help save the environment. 

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3. Improved packing habits

Part of good travel planning is watching what we pack– yes, I’m looking at you, TSA officer who weighs my overweight carry-on. We can save a lot of space with compact tech devices. 

You no longer need to pack 2-3 books if you are an avid reader. Instead, you can just pack your tablet. Rather than bringing along your camera, Walkman or iPod, laptop, torch, or whatever else you think you might need on your trip— just slip your smartphone into your pocket.

These days, you can do almost anything from your smartphone. iTunes or Spotify and Apple Books or the Kindle apps cater to your reading and music needs. Netflix, HBO, and more take care of your entertainment. Google Suite allows you to work from anywhere.

With the right apps, your smartphone becomes the most important tool for making travel easy.

3. Efficient Language Assistance

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Language is another challenge of international travel that technology addresses. Do you remember when you had to attend a few foreign language classes so you could communicate the basics on a trip? Or you had to go on a hunt for a mini phrasebook and then struggle to nail the pronunciation of “merci,” “obrigado,” “spasibo,” or “xièxiè?”

Foreign language learning and translation apps make it easier to interact with clients and colleagues on business trips. You can easily learn the most important language phrases of your destination on mobile apps like Duolingo. Voice translation features on smartphones and search engines improve communication. You can simply ask Siri to translate a phrase for you.

3. Better connectivity & communication

With a range of social media platforms and video conferencing apps aimed at making travel easy, it’s not hard to stay in touch with your boss and colleagues back home. While you are on your business trip, you can still attend important meetings to stay up to date with your work. This helps you maintain your productivity on your trip.

You can also use communication tools to combat homesickness. Chat with your loved ones at a time that suits all of you. Share photos and videos of beautiful sites and events on your trip. Technology gives you the power to access your life at home while you’re away, making travel easy.

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5. Electronic payments

Go cashless, and pay with your credit/debit card, or use apps like PayPal, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet. You can even pay with your smartwatch, like with Fitbit Pay. This makes it easy to process international payments, and it’s extremely convenient.

Another benefit of paying electronically is that it’s less risky for travellers. You don’t need to worry about credit card fraud. With no hard foreign currency in your possession, you also don’t need to be concerned about losing the notes or even paying incorrectly. 

6. Custom, personalized trips

Modern travellers prefer personalized, unique experiences. Niche websites, blogs, apps, chatbots, and services make this possible. These tools help provide the best experiences for travellers by considering their preferences and interests. 

They also consider the purpose of the trip, making recommendations based on the travel motivation. Many travellers book bleisure trips, where they combine business and leisure travel. So while you are away for work, you can make your dream trip a reality, too. 

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7. A touchless experience

With the COVID-19 pandemic, our whole world has changed. The pandemic called for changes in how we do things, including how we travel. Airports, hotels, and other travel businesses have been looking towards touchless experiences. Contactless travel helps curb the spread of the virus and encourage social distancing. 

This touchless- or minimal contact- travel experience pushes people to use travel technology more actively. Travel platforms, airline apps and other online check-in methods support touchless travel. Improvements in biometric and ID scanners at some airports have also led to more efficient travel. These technologies cut down long queues and minimize contact between travel employees and passengers.

Closing Thoughts 

How we travel for business and leisure continues to evolve. Technology improves travel for business professionals, providing more personalization, wider options, convenience, and efficiency. 

EnterAnGo helps you book your trips with ease and travel sustainably. We also offer full support so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. That way, you can focus on enjoying the journey and getting the best out of your trip.