7 Reasons Why Green Events Are Good For Your Brand

Sustainable and green events are a hot topic these days. Millennials and Gen Z, who now outnumber baby boomers, care a lot about the environment and climate change. This makes greener business practices an important part of any business strategy, including how your company approaches event hosting.

A green event – no longer just a buzzword – takes the environment and sustainability into consideration. From the event planning and contracted suppliers, right down to the guests’ travel arrangements, eco-friendly events are all about minimizing waste. 

To lower an event’s environmental impact, a green event tries to reduce waste while promoting sustainable actions. It sounds like a whole lot of work and change, which is bound to require you and your team to transform how you think about events.

But how exactly do greener events benefit your business, if at all?  

7 Ways That Hosting Green Events Benefits Your Company 

Besides benefiting the environment, here are seven ways that eco-events are good for your brand:

1. Decrease Business Costs  

There are many ways that you can lower an events’ cost and waste, including:

calculate business costs
  • Reusing existing materials and resources in creative ways in your events.
  • Using energy-efficient LED lighting and power options such as solar energy.
  • Hosting a hybrid event that includes some physical and some virtual events.
  • Working with eco-conscious suppliers.
  • Finding eco-friendly ways for guests to travel to your event which can reduce expenditure on this like fuel.
  • Staying waste conscious and putting steps in place to manage your event’s waste.

2. Improve Your Brand Reputation

Reputation management is crucial for any business. 

How can sustainability and hosting green events help your reputation? Well, eco-friendly and sustainable practice is a huge factor that Gen Z and Millennials take into consideration when supporting brands.

If you want to continue attracting these demographics, then you need to prioritize green policies even for your events. Taking decisive actions to make your events more sustainable will send out the message that your business cares about more than just the bottom line. Ironically, this can enhance your brand image, increase customer loyalty and brand support, and boost your bottom line.

3. Legal Compliance & Tax Rebates

Many countries have laws and legislation that govern business practices, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and promote environmental sustainability. As an entity operating in such countries, you are required to abide by those laws. As a result, green business practice becomes a matter of legal compliance.

If your country doesn’t yet have green laws in place, they may soon. So hosting green events and changing your business practices today only puts you in a good place for future regulations.

legal compliance green events

Some governments also offer special tax rebates and incentives for companies who prioritize environmental sustainability efforts. For example, the U.S. government provides tax credits to companies that go green. The UK and many other European governments also offer green tax breaks for companies that operate more efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way. 

As such, hosting green events can be one step in earning you the tax rebates and other rewards that your government offers for sustainable business practices.

4. Gain a Competitive Advantage 

Companies that include sustainability in their business strategy, such as holding eco-friendly events, have been shown to perform better in the market. This is in comparison to those that do not plan and manage their business with climate change in mind.    

In a study by Harvard Business Review (HBR), the researchers have found that environmental factors have become vital influencers of business investment. In addition to governance and social factors, environmental influence on investment forms what HBR calls ESG- a core principle of sustainable investing. 

As it turns out, promoting greener policies, processes, and actions can position you as a better candidate for business investors.

5. Increase Your Market 

A 2015 study by Neilsen found that 66% of consumers would pay more for green products, and this number increased to 77% for Millennial consumers. This proves there is a market and demand for sustainable products and services. Now, the world has become even more eco-conscious in the six years since with 50% of global consumers saying they’ve become more environmentally aware.

Since Gen Z is even more aware of eco-friendly services and products businesses that are going green secure this piece of the consumer market too.  

employee morale green business

6. Boost Employee Morale  

Aside from fostering warm and fuzzy feelings in consumers when they support green businesses, going green also boosts your employee morale. Employees that work for a business that goes green and hosts green events may feel proud to be associated with a brand that is doing what it can to be better. That way, they can proudly declare, “That’s where I work!”

Furthermore, implementing sustainability efforts in your business is and should be a collaboration between all your employees. This can help you create a sustainably driven corporate culture and enhance your reputation and image as an employer.

7. Engage Your Corporate Responsibility  

There are three main parts to corporate social responsibility (CSR): people, profit, and the plant. These are commonly referred to as the economic, environmental, and social aspects of CSR. With the effects of climate change increasingly felt throughout the world, many companies are prioritizing the environment as part of their CSR initiatives. 

Lyft, for example, is investing millions towards carbon neutrality. It’s investing in activities that offset or neutralize their carbon emissions, encouraging the use of public transport and non-emission vehicles, and electrifying its fleet.

How EnterAnGo Can Help You Organize Greener Events

EnterAnGo can help you organize greener events with just the click of a button. We are an all-in-one travel solution, helping you to put more sustainable travel solutions in place for event attendees, no matter the location.

greener events organization

When your attendees book their trip through EnterAnGo, we offer them the greenest travel options. This includes transportation, such as flights, trains, public transport, and taxis. We also provide green accommodation options for your attendees.  

By making your attendees’ travel experience greener – how your attendees travel and where they sleep – we can lower your event’s carbon footprint. 

If you aren’t sure how you can measure your event’s impact on the environment, EnterAnGo provides you with insightful travel statistics. These can help you understand the travel behavior of your attendees and learn what makes successful green events. We can also create carbon footprint reports that you can use to improve your green efforts for your next event.

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Final Words 

When businesses go green with their business practices and host green events, they create a healthier and safer planet for everyone. Your company stands to gain many benefits: 

  • Decreased business costs by saving on fuel and electricity when you consider green alternatives 
  • Better brand image as it proves to existing and potential consumers that you care about more than just your bottom line.
  • A stellar reputation as an eco-conscious, socially responsible organization.
  • Earn tax rebates.
  • Gain a competitive advantage 
  • Law and regulatory compliance.
  • Growing your business by increasing your consumer base as more and more people care about supporting green businesses and events 
  • Improved morale among your employees by also showing you care about more than just your bottom line

Enterango helps schedule travel to your events in a sustainable manner. Sign up today so we can help you organize your next eco-friendly, super-green event.