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Help international guests to attend your event

Honestly speaking, scheduling a complex business trip to an event can be quite challenging and time consuming. Especially, if you are an international traveler and need to go somewhere, you have never been before. How do I get there? What mode of transport do I use? What mode of transport is the best, cheapest, most time-efficient and most sustainable one?

These are common questions attendees have in mind which influence their decision whether to go to an event or not. Flight and train search engines or hotel booking platforms have already helped a lot, but in many cases travel planning is still very time consuming. Attendees need to compare and combine more than just one mode of transport. Some need to get all costs in detail for approval internally. Due to this extra work, the decision for the event registration gets postponed in many cases.

Help them with an “All in One” solution

Here’s where we, EnterAnGo, come into place. As the first “All in One” travel planning tool for event organizers, we try to make the lives of international attendees as easy as possible. By simply entering their departure address, attendees get information about the best travel route to the event, the necessary travel time and the cheapest options all at once. We compare all available trip routes from their own doorstep directly to your event or to their chosen hotel. On top of that, they can directly share the trip with their supervisors for approval within seconds. This saves the attendees and their supervisors a lot of time and speeds up the decision-making process.

The benefits for event organizers

Seems great for attendees, but what benefits are there for you as the event organizer?

As a result of an immediate and complete cost estimation of the attendance, as well as spared additional steps on external platforms, attendees are far more likely to register and sign up earlier. Therefore, you get more and sooner information about your number of participants and can prepare your event better, improve and adjust things to match your attendee’s expectations even more.

How does this integration look like?

Our Travel planning service can be directly embedded into the event website as a white label widget or as a link. Here is an example of how it looked like on one of our latest integrations as a link at a b2match event.

But this is just an example and the design or the position of our integration at your event page can be personalized just like you wish.


Scheduling business trips to an event can be challenging for attendees, especially for international ones. EnterAnGo tries to make the trip planning process as easy as possible for both parties involved. We wish to satisfy the needs of the attendees, but also focus strongly on you, the event organizers.

With EnterAnGo, your attendees instantly get information about the best travel route from their own doorstep to your event, the necessary travel time and the cheapest options at once. Due to an immediate and full cost estimation of their attendance and spared additional steps on external platforms, they are far more likely to register and sign up earlier to your event.

That gives you more security that the event will be a success in an earlier stage and helps to prepare your event better

Take your first step

If you are interested in offering the service of EnterAnGo at your event, simply contact us for more info. We would love to show you how EnterAnGo works in detail and how you and your international guests can benefit most of it!