6 Event Travel Management Tools That Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Utilising event travel management tools is an excellent way to ensure your event visitors travel more efficiently and sustainably to your venue. 

Generally speaking, these tools enable you and your attendees to lower the overall carbon footprint of the occasion. In fact, the tools you use can have as significant an impact on sustainability as the event itself. 

But, we live in an age of technology where there’s an app for nearly everything. So, how do you narrow down the options to aid in your efforts for greener travel? 

We’ve compiled a list of six tips and tools to help you manage event travel in a more efficient manner. These tools will help reduce your carbon footprint, creating greener and more sustainable events.

What Are Event Travel Management Tools?

Before defining event travel management tools, let’s figure out what travel management means. 

Travel management, as the name suggests, is based around organising corporate travel plans, tracking travel expenses, and coming up with simple travel strategies. 

This means figuring out the best way to travel in order to cut costs and improve the travel experience. It also involves organising accommodation and planning a detailed itinerary.

travel management tools

Event travel management is a branch out from that and involves corporate travel for events. These events could be conferences, seminars, or industry events. Travelling to large corporate events takes a bit more planning since travel managers will have to contact organisers, figure out comfortable accommodation and ensure that their employees are adequately prepared for the event.

Event travel management tools make organising travel to a venue easier. They are essential apps, platforms, and software that take the load off and help you remain organised and on top of things. 

These tools help with scheduling, bookings, flight plans, transportation routes, itineraries, and more. 

Six Event Travel Management Tools To Help You Create Greener Events

Event management tools work for both local and international travellers. With the right tools, you can equip visitors with the ability to streamline their travel plans without managing everything manually.

Here are a few of our favourite travel management tools that are sure to help you take a load off. 

1. Route Planner That Highlights Optimal Methods Of Transport

Route planning is essential, especially if your attendees (and speakers and staff) have to take multiple modes of transport to the venue. Being late can cause delays that have a knock-on effect on the entire occasion, leaving people frustrated and unimpressed with your event. 

By using route planning technology, you can avoid all that unpleasantness.  

route planning technology

A route planning tool can help visitors work out optimal travel routes and select the best course to take. This can give them the best mode of transportation at that moment to ensure they arrive on time. 

For example, a route planning tool could suggest which flight, train, taxi, or bus to use. From there, it could let the person buy tickets and provide a map if there are any sections to traverse on foot.

It might also include traffic information, sightseeing locations, and highlights of any events taking place in the area. 

Route planning is a major component at EnterAnGo! Our systems provide vital route planning features like real-time traffic and course updates and give you the choice of sustainable travel options. 

2. Accommodation Builder

There are a ton of websites for people to visit when planning their trip around the event, all of which list suitable accommodation options. However, finding the perfect accommodation that’s close enough to the venue, within the required budget, and has all the right amenities can take some time to narrow down. 

Then if event attendees have to stay in multiple cities, finding accommodation that fits both their timeline and requirements can turn into a nightmare. 

What if it was possible to filter accommodation by travel needs to save valuable time and effort? With an accommodation itinerary builder, all that is possible. 

An accommodation builder tool, like EnterAnGo’s, will help you filter options based on your requirements, availability dates, and location. 

All of this makes finding accommodation easy, eliminating unnecessary stress.  

accommodation builder

3. Convenient All-In-One Booking Solution

Planning travel to an event can take a reasonable amount of time and requires careful administration. Administrators handling the event travel will need to contact multiple people, including the organisers of the event, accommodation managers, transport companies, and more. 

This can get very overwhelming. But, with the right tool, your attendees or their booking agents can manage all their booking admin within one handy app. 

An all-inclusive booking solution can fit all aspects of travel management within one central point. Ideally, travel managers should be able to access and manage each part of the travel journey using a single platform. 

An all-in-one booking solution, like EnterAnGo, can also help travellers and attendees book their transportation, handle flight plans and accommodation, all from one platform.

This saves both time and money. 

EnterAnGo is a fantastic system that encompasses everything you need to plan your next travel event. 

4. Cloud Storage Platform For Documents

These days you can do everything you need using your phone, so why not play into that functionality and go paper-free! 

Using a cloud storage platform allows event visitors to access important documents like route plans, itineraries, and boarding passes using their mobile. This will enable them to access documents whenever they need to. It also saves having to carry about a wad of paper and cuts out a ton of travelling red tape, making travel to and from the event simpler.  

Cloud storage for travel docs

5. Support Tools For Travelers & Attendees

Centralised travel management tools are a major help for both travellers and travel planners. Being able to track a journey and having the ability to re-calibrate travel plans should things veer off-course are vital to managing time and expenses. 

Let’s say your attendees have planned their travel itineraries and already left for the airport. Suddenly, the flight gets cancelled, and now they’re forced to book another. Just like that, expenses have doubled. They might have to re-book transportation and reschedule event plans. 

This one setback can have a big impact on how smoothly your event goes off. 

Travel support tools can help to quickly reorganise itineraries and save money by selecting the best travel options. Travellers can connect with the event planners, transporters, and accommodation providers to make adjustments using these tools. 

Support tools also help add some flexibility to itineraries so that travellers can be better prepared for the unexpected.  

6. Expense Management Tools

One of the major aspects of travel management is the expenses. If travellers are not careful, their travel bills can run away from them. With so many things to get a hold of, tracking costs can be left on the back burner. 

Business travel stats

Having access to an effective expense management tool can help travellers and travel managers closely manage their finances for the event. It also allows travellers to stay within their budget and prevents excessive spending. 

One of the best features of an expense management tool is that the person can see all their travel expenses on one platform. This allows them to get the complete picture and better plan the trip. 

How Does EnterAnGo’s Platform Help With Event Travel Management?

The tools mentioned above are fantastic if you’re hosting an event and want your event visitors to feel better prepared for it. Each tool can help you and them plan, manage the trip, and move more sustainably. 

What makes EnterAnGo a fantastic platform is that it offers all these tools. 

With EnterAnGo you can manage your expenses, find the best and most sustainable travel options, and handle all bookings on a single platform. You’re also able to do route planning and work on contingency plans. 

EnterAnGo is an all-in-one event management tool that is essential if you’re planning a corporate travel event.  

Final Thoughts

To round off your event, email follow-up surveys to your attendees. They can provide feedback on the event, which will be helpful to you.

Be sure to add a couple of questions about the sustainability of your event. Allowing guests to leave suggestions will help you make the next event greener. 

If you would like to know more about EnterAnGo’s solution for event travel management, get in touch with us today