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Travel & Management

The travel related to business trips is only for one reason. Meeting people in person.

Learn how travel-tech can make your business travel more sustainable and remove red tape in travel management, like travel planning, preparation and accounting. 

Online Collaboration

Why not collaborating online? It is easy, cheap and more sustainable.

Learn when online meetings are preferrable and when face to face meetings are more effective. What mehtods are the most effective and needs to be considered.


It is getting more difficult to attract attendees for your events?

Learn how attendees decide to go to events, how you can speed up this decision making proces and how you can make the customer journey as smooth as possible.

Ich bin immer auf dem Neuesten Stand!

Ich bin immer auf dem Neuesten Stand!

Neue Features, Mehr Verbindungen, Neuigkeiten im Reisemanagement. Alle paar Wochen.


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