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Making Business Travel Easy

Let’s build the most powerful and easiest to use Travel Planning and Management Tool. Together!

Our Mission

We want to ease the pain of any business traveller in losing time in travel planning and management tasks. Regardless of company size and available budget.

Every business trip must be able to plan within 5 minutes, regardless of complexity. We keep a strong eye on the environment as well and help companies to lower their carbon footprint.

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Product Features


Why wasting time on planning trips to your meetings and events? Get worldwide travel plans from A to B for free.

Travel Companion

Why not having everything in a central place? Manage your entire trip and all your documents with the mobile app. Navigate, keep track of expenses and get updates.

Travel Management

Why not live a simple life? Share your trip with your colleagues for approval, booking and reporting. Get automated expense and travel time reports.

Who We Are

We are an international team of developers and frequent travellers, who love creating innovative products that make travelling around the globe easy

Peter Arnold

Peter Arnold

Founder & CEO
Richard Pichler

Richard Pichler

Founder & CTO
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