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Our Vision

Connecting people face-2-face in a more sustainable way

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Who We Are

EnterAnGo is a high-tech travel agency registered by the laws of Austria, Europe. We hold a travel agency license and are your reliable partner to make you travel with peace of mind.

The international team consists of developers and frequent travellers, sustainability enthusiasts, who love creating innovative products that make an impact on our society, environment and making meeting people easy.

Peter Arnold

Peter Arnold

Founder & CEO

Passionate about efficient & more sustainable travelling. With a engineering & science background he successfully managed a couple of projects before kicking off his own company.

Richard Pichler

Richard Pichler

Founder & CTO

Loves number and algorithms. After a successful international career in science, working on the forefront of data science, he is now optimizing the worlds travel content.

Our Mission

1. Creating awareness for sustainable travel

We want to provide full transparency of CO2 emissions coming from business trips and show greener ways. Only things you can measure, you can monitor, control and change.


2. Connecting the global travel market

There are thousands of service providers and carriers, millions of options that makes it hard to find the most efficient travel options. We are helping this clustered area to make it easier for travellers.


3. Making high-tech tools accessible to everyone

We believe that customer centric solutions supported by technology have the biggest potential to change the world. 80% of business trips are done by SME’s with little budget and no access to corporate solutions, that would help them to be more efficient. We think serving them will create the biggest impact in reducing global emissions.


Our Values

Team first

    • Together we are stronger.
    • We are open, clear, and honest in our communication.
    • We commit ourselves to continuously improving our performance.
    • We don’t make assumptions but ask the right questions.
    • We believe the teams willing to put in the extra effort will be the ones who see their visions realized.


Focus on customers

    • We are passionate about creating the best value for our customers.
    • We love to learn from our customer’s feedback.
    • We create a sustainable and positive impact for our customers, our organization, and our planet.
    • We are building simple solutions, that come with an outstanding experience.


Innovation at the heart

    • We know, innovation only prospers if we are willed to take risks and make bold decisions to validate our hypothesis on the future.
    • We embrace failure, that comes with testing our hypothesis.
    • We believe that it’s better to move fast and make these mistakes than to move slowly and miss opportunities.


Sustainable Development Goals

While building our product we are focussing on the following SDG’s.

Sustainable Development Goal 9 - Innovation
Sustainable Development Goal 11: Cities & communities
Sustainable Development Goal 11: Responisble consumption
Sustainable Development Goal 12: Climate Action
Sustainable Development Goal 17: Partnerships
Impact challenge award nomination

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Seal of Excellence Holder

EnterAnGo got awarded with the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission for developing an innovative deep-tech solution.

Seal of Excellence by the Europan Commission

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